Wi-Fi Controller

For Electric Water Heaters
Turn dumb into smart.
Triton is a temperature-aware,  Wi-Fi controller designed to be retro-fitted on domestic electric water heaters.

Analyze energy usage.  Find out about broken heating elements before you take a cold shower. Locate leaks immediately. Dodge peak prices.

Triton is the only controller that can be installed on Giant water heaters without voiding the certification or warranty.

A 15-minute install turns your dumb water heater into the smartest energy asset in your home.

Wi-Fi Connectivity

Information isn’t much if it can’t be accessed. Unless your water heater stands in your living room, chances are you’re not often looking at it! Bring its data out of the cobwebs and over to your phone, tablet or computer. Triton connects to your Wi-Fi network securely, thanks to our dual-layer encryption mechanism.

Temperature Monitoring

Don’t fancy a cold shower ?

Triton doesn’t just meter the energy used by your water heater, it also monitors the tank temperature at three key points. This means you now know how much hot water you have ! Better yet, it means your water heater knows if it should switch on during that peak time period, or wait until prices go back down.

Comfort & Safety

Triton monitors the performance of your water heater and will let you know if one of the elements is under-performing or broken. Triton will never let your tank sit at temperatures that encourage the proliferation of bacteria and advises when water is safe to use.

Technicals specs



Height: 328 mm / 13 in
Width: 218 mm / 8.5 in
Depth: 70.5 mm / 2.75 in


IEEE 802.11 b/g/n  2.4 GHz


Color touchscreen
Power metering
Status indicator

Available Languages





3 years from date of delivery

Frequently asked questions

Get answers to your questions
Is there plumbing work involved to install Triton ?
No. Triton is an electrical appliance and its installation does not involve plumbing.
How does it read the temperature ?
Triton has 3 probes that travel on the surface of the water heater. They can be mounted with brackets or magnets near the heating elements.
Can I install it myself?
Triton is very simple to install and takes about 15 minutes, but depending on where you live, your local electrical code may require you to call a licensed electrician. If you’re not familiar with electricity and its associated dangers, call your electrician !
How do I tell if my router will work with it?
Triton is a Wi-Fi device and works with all current model routers that are b/g/n capable. If your router is more than 10 years old, it’s likely to be unsafe and should be replaced anyway.
How much does the service cost?
Nothing. Nada. Zero. The online portal is and always will be free. Basic features include a single street address and as many devices as you want. Advanced functions such as control lock-out and multiple addresses management require paid subscription.
Dual layer encryption ? Is that safe?
Triton was designed with security as a focal point. We feel very strongly about security in the connected object world and we’ll always see it as a priority over anything else. Triton is the only device currently approved through CSA’s Cybersecurity Verification Program.

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