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Is Caleo compatible with fan-forced heaters that turn on and off regularly?

Caleo is not compatible with fan-forced heaters, as it uses pulsing to manage energy sent to your heaters.

Please contact our customer service regarding this subject.

If I change my router, will me Caleo remain online?

When your Caleo is configured, the memory chip saves the connection information so that the device can automatically reconnect to your Wi-Fi.

However, when you chage your router, the connection information stored on the memory chip is unfortunately no longer valid. You will need to reset (Factory Reset) your device and reconfigure it (show article link) again so that the connection can be reestablished.

If you have multiple devices, this process must be applied to each one.

Can my Caleo function with IFTTT?

It is possible to make your Caleo function with IFTTT. However, if you require help getting your Caleo to work with IFTTT, please visit the following website :

IFTTT experts will then be able to help you ensure the functionality of your applets. They will contact the CaSA team directly if the problem requires our attention.

Is it normal that my Caleo is displaying a temperature greater than the temperature felt in the house?
Caleo functions with a digital probe as opposed to most other thermostats that function using analog probes that are often less accurate. It has slits in the unit that allow air to pass through, which allows the probe to read the ambient temperature. If something were to block the air flow, such as furniture, animal hair, a plant, etc., or if there is direct sunlight or another source of heat nearby, this could influence the reading and display a temperature greater than what is felt.Therefore, it is possible that the temperature displayed on the Caleo does not correspond exactly to the reading from an analog thermostat or a thermometer.
What happens if I lose my Wi-Fi signal?
Your Caleo device contains a flash memory chip that allows it to keep the settings that are already programmed. This allows it to memorize the setpoints (temperature) of your devices and the events created in the scheduler.Due to this, if you lose your Wi-Fi connection, your Caleo will continue to operatre by referring to the last configured temperature and the last scheduled events, until it is able to come back online or until it is manually changed.
Why does my Caleo regularly stop and restart?
There is a safety feature inside all heating devices that cuts off the electrical circuit when the heaters get too hot, called a Thermal Cut-off.The most common causes for thermal cut-off : overheating due to an accumulation of dust or being too confined behind furniture or curtains.When the electric circuit is cut off this way, the Caleo will lose power and shut down. Once the heater cools down, the circuit is re-established and the Caleo will automatically turn back on.