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Discover what the Internet of Things, Artificial Intelligence, Big Data analytics and Smart Grid can do when they play well together.

CaSA currently connects tens of thousands of individual loads, throughout North America. With hardware and software engineered and built in Canada, CaSA strikes a perfect balance of security, affordability and reliability.

What others promise, we deliver.

Consumer Hardware

Secure IoT solutions with grid-level resiliency and consumer-level costing


4th generation line-voltage control solutions for electric space heating.

Electric water heating

Exclusive grid services controller for retrofit install on Giant electric water heaters.


Residential solutions for intelligent and connected Level 2 vehicle charging.

Software Utility

Load aggregation solutions for all your demand-side management strategies, stand-alone or integrated with demand response management systems. CaSA is the toolbox you need whether you serve ten thousand or ten million meters.

Control Room Dashboard

From a simple telemetry dashboard to a complex AI-driven agent, CaSA’s proprietary dashboard provides cost efficient, secure and reliable access to load control.  Think of CaSA as toolbox instead of a tool, where only value-added components are selected for your service, keeping integration and operation costs at a minimum. Not sure what you need exactly ? That’s Request a demo today from our tech team (not our sales team !) and get a better understanding of the possibilities.

Cloud-to-cloud Integrations

Say no to portal proliferation. Using CaSA assets means the CaSA dashboard is just one of the many options available for load telemetry and control. By enabling cloud-to-cloud integration, you can unleash the power of CaSA analytics into your own existing platform, be it for customer engagement or control room applications. From easy API implementations to third-party compliance such as OpenADR, CaSA provides an array of interoperability solutions to fit your specific operation. No two utilities are alike, why would one software solution fit all ?

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