CaSA Agreement for BCH Customers

Hello BC Hydro subscriber,

You have enrolled in a pilot where some or all data generated by your CaSA equipment may be shared with BC Hydro. The conditions of this pilot are outlined in the Terms and Conditions you agreed to between BC Hydro and yourself upon signing up for the pilot and are not linked, subordinated or otherwise affected by the CaSA Terms of Service to which you agreed upon creating your CaSA account.

By clicking “Agree” below, you agree that :

  • As a participant in the Caleo thermostat trial, I agree to allow CaSA Connected Appliances Ltd or its subsidiaries to grant BC Hydro access to my recorded Caleo thermostat data for the purpose of administering and evaluating the pilot.
  • The information shared will include information relating to thermostat settings, power usage, method of control and thermostat communication status and reliability but will exclude the following : email, address, IP address, phone, profile name, picture or personally identifiable data.
  • I grant CaSA permission to allow BC hydro to view and use the data generated by the Caleo thermostat for the purpose of this pilot only.
  • I can remoke this permission at any time by contacting CaSA at 1-844-835-2272