Saint John Energy recruits new company to set-up shop in the city

June 06, 2019

Martin Fassier, Cofounder and CEO of CaSA and Ryan Mitchell, VP of Saint John Energy

Montreal based CaSA will be opening an office in Saint John to start work on the development of the Integrated System Manager (ISM) for Saint John Energy’s new smart grid project. The ISM which is a dynamic machine-learning algorithm that can predict energy demand is essentially the central nervous system behind smart grid.

“CaSA’s artificial intelligence and smart controller technologies will be at the centre of Saint John Energy’s Smart Energy Project. Through this collaboration and other partnerships, we are laying the foundation to foster a local energy entrepreneurial eco-system, right here in Saint John,” says Ryan Mitchell, VP, Saint John Energy. “This innovation will create greener and more efficient ways to provide energy to our customers while keeping rates low.”

The ISM algorithm will utilize weather data, system data, and other information to make predictions about energy demand. In addition to reducing energy consumption and managing costs at peak times, smart grid technology also facilitates the introduction of renewable power sources including wind and solar to power the grid. Earlier this year, Saint John Energy received a $4.1 million investment from Natural Resources Canada’s Smart Grid Program to modernize Saint John’s electricity grid.

CaSA’s CEO, Martin Fassier, believes the collaboration with Saint John Energy will position both parties as forerunners in transforming the traditional utility model through advanced demand management solutions and smart grid technologies.

“CaSA has found a great partner in Saint John Energy as we work together to make this project a success story for Saint John and the province,” says Fassier. “This is why CaSA sees only benefits by establishing a long-term presence here and building a thriving ecosystem of digital expertise in New Brunswick.”

Founded in 2014, the Montreal-based CaSA is recognized as a leading force in the transformation that is reshaping the electricity generation and distribution industry. Through the years, the CaSA team has developed smart grid and energy control technologies that enable utilities to leverage advanced electricity demand management strategies. Supported by many industry experts and collaborators, CaSA is now experiencing a rapid growth in Canada and the United States. CaSA is currently the only IoT aggregator in Canada exploiting a CSA-verified platform through the Cybersecurity Verification Program, a soon-to-be enforced standard for reliability, security, and privacy.

“Their commitment to put roots in Saint John, including future expansion plans, enables a truly collaborative ‘made in Canada’ partnership. It’s an exciting time as Saint John Energy and CaSA tackle a challenge that exists for all utilities,” says Mitchell. “We are creating an opportunity to develop and export new knowledge and key learnings to utilities around the world.”

Saint John residents and businesses pay the lowest rates for electricity in Atlantic Canada, and 10% lower than the rest of New Brunswick. The utility is currently considering proposals from developers to build a wind energy project in the Spruce Lake Industrial Park.

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