MNUBO to provide CaSA with on-demand analytics in new partnership

April 27, 2016

CaSA, a company reinventing the concept of responsible energy management has partnered with mnubo, the leading Internet of Things (IoT) Data Analytics company, to deliver real-time actionable insights to thousands of smart home customers and service providers.

Through this partnership, mnubo’s IoT analytics platform integrates with CaSA’s connected appliances and smart applications, providing actionable intelligence for optimized energy consumption. There is a tremendous amount of energy stored in residential appliances, which CaSA recognizes, can be used to offset peak demand on the electric grid. In fact, Natural Resources Canada has shown that the size of Province of Quebec’s winter peak demand for two hours, estimated at 39 GW/85 GWh, is the equivalent to the space and water heating in all of Canada. Putting this partnership in practice, residential customers can reduce their electricity bill, without compromising comfort and safety, while utility providers can better anticipate costly energy demand bursts during peak-period use. “mnubo’s IoT analytics is an out-of-the-box solution that can be deployed rapidly, enabling our team to focus on the most strategic aspects of CaSA’s solutions,” explains Martin Fassier, Product Director at CaSA. “Not only are we getting the peace of mind of a platform that can scale to millions of appliances, but it also gives us access to advanced data science and machine learning capabilities”. “We are extremely excited to be working with CaSA’s team in enabling efficient Energy Demand Response systems. CaSA’s Caleo thermostats and water heater controllers are unique products that generate an impressive amount of data. It’s a privilege to bring our expertise to such a key sector” stated Frederic Bastien, CEO of mnubo

About mnubo

mnubo is an IoT analytics company. The SmartObjects Platform extracts business value from data by delivering out-of-the-box analytics, strategic insights and advanced data science. It offers a SaaS solution to IoT product manufacturers to ingest, enrich and analyze their object data.

About CasA

CaSA, a specialist in connected appliances reinventing the concept of electrical energy management, achieved prominence a year ago with the launch of the Caleo thermostat, the world’s only device able to control electric heating baseboards through a Wi-Fi network.

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