CaSA and Giant join forces on connected water heater development

March 14, 2016

CaSA, a Montreal-based connected appliances company and Giant Factories Inc., Canada’s largest water heater manufacturer, are pleased to announce a partnership for the development and marketing of a brand-new system for monitoring and controlling electric water heaters.

CaSA, following its successful launch last year of the Caleo connected thermostat, regards this partnership as an opportunity to engage in R&D with a first-class partner that has been in business for more than 70 years. “The first generation of water heater controllers will be external and will be simple to install on Giant equipment already in use, without even calling on a plumber,” explains Martin Fassier, Product Director at CaSA. “But the longer-term goal is to integrate controllers fully into new Giant products to make them fully connected water heaters.”

For his part, Giant Vice-President Jean-Claude Lesage says: “A Canadian government study has shown that water heating can account for up to 25% of a household’s energy bill, so it makes sense for Giant, as an industry leader, to make all the necessary tools available to help its customers understand and control the use of their electric water heater.” He adds: “The savings will become all the more significant in markets where electricity is priced according to time of use, as in Ontario, for example.”

Accordingly, both partners are studying the potential integration of the smart-grid system, which would enable electricity distributors to respond to peak-period demand by remotely placing a temporary limit on the load required by a large number of water heaters. In another significant technological advance, the prototype currently being developed is equipped with a detector that would notify a user immediately by e-mail or text message of a water leak or imminent freezing of a water heater.

The CaSA water heater management interface, similar to the Caleo interface and just as durable, will be available on the Web or through a mobile application.

About the partners

CaSA, a specialist in connected appliances that is reinventing the concept of electrical energy management, achieved prominence a year ago with the launch of the Caleo thermostat, the world’s only device able to control electric heating baseboards through a Wi-Fi network with no additional equipment or cabling. The company invests heavily in R&D, and other products are currently under development, in particular for the remote management of pools, spas and electric vehicles, among other objects.

Giant Factories Inc., a third-generation family firm in business since 1945, is a Canadian leader in the development and manufacturing of residential and commercial water heaters. With a focus on innovation and respect for the environment, the company has a distribution network (wholesale and retail) covering all of Canada.

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