A New CEO and a Strategic Plan 2020-2023 for CaSA

January 13, 2020

Having spent the last 5 years designing and demonstrating their advanced residential electrical demand-response technology, Martin Fassier and Patrick Pépin, cofounders of CaSA Connected Appliances Ltd, are proud to introduce their new Chief Executive Officer, Ms. Catherine Chicoine.

“Catherine has been CaSA’s Chief Financial Officer (CFO) for the better part of its existence. As CaSA begins the commercialization effort of its technology, it was the logical choice to have Catherine pilot us through this new phase. This opens a great opportunity for Patrick and me to get involved on a personal level with the mandates entrusted to CaSA from coast to coast”, explains Mr. Fassier who steps down as CEO to take on the role of Chief Operating Officer.

With more than 20 years of business accounting experience, Ms. Chicoine has a marked expertise in finance as well as extensive knowledge in management, strategic development and communications. She is also well known for her passion for technology and her desire to be an artisan of change in a world that needs it now more than ever. Her first order of business in this new challenge is to introduce CaSA’s Strategic Plan for 2020-2023, which is based on the feedback from associates, staff, collaborators, clients and shareholders. The plan articulates a new and innovative path to leverage the company’s vision: to become the benchmark in residential electricity demand management through the magic of the Internet of Things (IoT) and Artificial Intelligence (AI), deploying and expanding CaSA’s patented technologies throughout the grid operators in North America and Europe.

“This new plan is a way for us to get off the beaten path and rebuild our frontiers, to promote the integration of DR-as-a-service to grid operators and to create strategic alliances while creating opportunities in a market that’s defining itself everyday”, adds the new Chief Executive Officer.

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