Legal Policies

Lawyers are fun, but we like developers better.

We don’t like the catch in the small print, so here’s what’s what :

*Too long; didn’t read.
  • The data is yours. Not ours, not theirs, yours.
  • We don’t share/sell/rent/prostitute your data. Period. If we do, it’s because you openly and clearly agreed to it.
  • You don’t want your data at CaSA ? You tell us, we delete it. Of course, your dashboard goes empty too…
  • We sell equipment meant for use in specific settings. You can get creative with it, but then we may do so too with warranty and support.
  • The service is free. FREE. That means we don’t promise it’s up 100% of the time. More like 99.9%. Even that’s not a promise. Because it’s free remember?

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