Frequently Asked Questions

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Are there any hidden fees ?
The online portal is and always will be free. Basic features include a single street address and as many devices as you want.

Advanced functions; once introduced, will require a paid subscription.

Can I change the luminosity of my Caleo?
Can I change the temperature reading of my Caleo from °C to °F?
Can I choose between a 12H and 24H Clock?
Can I install the Caleo myself ?
Caleo is incredibly simple to install in about 5 to 10 minutes, but you should be aware of your local electrical code and whether or not it requires you to call in a licensed electrician. In all cases, if you’re not familiar electricity and the associated dangers, call your electrician.


Can I use the Caleo with my central heating/cooling system?
Unfortunately, this would not be possible because generally central cooling and heating systems are generally low voltage.
Can I use the Caleo with my cooling system?
Although one could imagine the scenario where Caleo is used with a air conditioning unit, it’s been engineered and optimized for heating purposes.
Can the Caleo be muted?
Can the temperature be changed manually?
YES! To change the temperature manually on your Caleo, press twice in the middle of the screen and from there either press the + sign to raise the set point or the – sign to lower it.
Do I have to change all of the thermostats in the house?
In order to understand and optimize your energy consumption, Caleo needs info from all heated spaces in the house. That being said, one could start by outfitting the areas of the house most commonly used and progress to a fully integrated house over time.
Dual layer encryption ? Is that safe ?
Caleo was designed with security as a focal point. Data is encrypted before being sent over a connection that itself is encrypted. We feel very strongly about security in the connected object world and we’ll always see it as a priority over anything else.
I don't have a Wi-Fi network at home...
Caleo relies on your home network to connect to the internet. If you don’t currently have wireless network set up the Caleo can be used as a regular thermostat to manually control, but to be able to enjoy all of the special features a Wi-Fi network is a pre-requisite.
Is the Caleo compatible with Alexa, Google Assistant, or Apple Homekit?
We are currently working on increasing the connectivity of the Caleo with Alexa, Google assistant, and Apple Home kit, But in the mean time we have increased the connectivity of the Caleo through the many different recipes available through 
What extra work or wiring is involved?
Aside from the initial configuration and online programming, Caleo is exactly like your current thermostats : 2 wires, 2 screws…
What happens if I loose Wi-Fi?
When your power and Wi-Fi are back online after a power outage, the Caleo will connect back to your Wi-Fi network. Integrated in the Caleo is a memory chip that will remember your credentials of your Wi-Fi SSID as well as your Password.

If your Power comes on but the Wi-Fi doesn’t; The Caleo will continue to try to connect to your Wi-Fi network that is stored in its memory. The Caleo will continue to heat your home at the last set temperature or schedule until it is manually changed or the Wi-Fi comes back online.

What is a DHCP?

A DHCP is a “Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol” Each router has a different number of these available for Wi-Fi devices to be able to connect to your Wi-Fi signal.  Current routers will have a higher number of DHCP available to keep up with the increasing amount of connected devices available in every day homes. Older routers tend to have much fewer, as they were not as necessary.

What is the Minimum and Maximum Temperature the Caleo can reach ?
The lowest possible set temperature for the Caleo is 5°C or 41°F, and the Maximum is 30°C or 86°F.