Caleo is a fully functional electronic thermostat the moment it’s up on your wall, but the real magic happens once you connect it to your Wi-Fi network.

Using an Apple or Android device, configure every Caleo you installed in your home and access them from anywhere using your CaSA dashboard.


Set all your thermostats to the ideal temperature with just one click. Each mode can be chosen and configured in the Settings menu to maximize your comfort and optimize your energy consumption.

HOME – When you are home and comfortable

AWAY – When you leave the house for a short time, such as going to work

NIGHT – Save energy while you are sleeping

LONG-TERM AWAY – Going away for a while ? Why waste energy when no one is around ?

Create a personalized schedule for your home’s temperature that best suits your lifestyle. Thanks to Caleo, easily save preset temperatures per day, time of day, and by room.


Understand how much energy you use to heat your home and take control of your electricity bill. Caleo tracks the electricity that each heating unit uses and provides valuable insights into your routine, your home’s energy performance and your power bill.


Caleo’s features evolve over time, thanks to secured software updates that will ensure your devices remain cutting edge, even years down the road. No intervention needed on your part, updates are fully automatic.

Ready for Caleo ?