Wi-Fi Thermostat

For Electric Baseboards

Heating 2.0

Heat is serious business, don’t be fooled by cheap gadgets.

Evolutive, secure, private; Caleo redefines what Smart Home truly means.

Proudly designed and manufactured in Canada.

Line Voltage

Caleo is built for 120V, 208V or 240V operation without transformer or power supply. Caleo is available in three flavors:

Caleo SX is for single-pole (two wire) switching of electric baseboards and convecting heaters.

Caleo DX is for double-pole (four wire) switching of electric baseboards, convecting heaters and fan-forced heaters.

Caleo FX is for  double-pole (four wire) switching of electric underfloor heating mats and wires.

Remote Control

Be in control, whether you’re across town or across the world. Monitor and control your heating using your mobile, tablet or computer.

Want to take it to the next level ? Integrate Caleo with Alexa, Google Home, geofencing, your alarm system or your coffee maker…

Our IFTTT channel and API controls are waiting for you.

Wi-Fi Connectivity

Proper technology: no gateway or gadget needed to connect Caleo. It connects directly to your b/g/n home Wi-Fi network, with no need for any additional equipment.

Network down? No problem. Caleo is a thermostat first, a connected device second. It will continue with the week’s schedule and actions as it waits for connectivity to resume.


Program Caleo for a warm and cozy welcome through the CaSA dashboard. Schedule as many events as you want, for a whole group or a single device, your wish is their command.

Want Caleo to play nice with the rest of the hardware in your home ? Try our IFTTT channel for a ton of creative recipes !

Energy Management

Caleo meters your energy use, room by room, giving you a complete view of your efficiency both past and present. Log in to your CaSA dashboard for a graphic view of your home’s energetic performance.

Take the guesswork out of reading your bill: know you’ll know whether or not a degree up or down makes or breaks the bank.


Don’t run from room to room: centralize all your heaters with a single button.

Relative Humidity

Comfort isn’t just about temperature: Caleo monitors relative humidity as well.

OTA Upgrade

Technology moves fast: Caleo evolves through automatic updates.

Quiet Operation

Electronic switching is quiet as a whisper. Perfect for the bedroom.

Safe & Secure

Caleo is no gadget and it comes to your network with dual encryption, as safe – if not safer – than your online banking.

Smart Grid Ready

Enroll in energy efficiency or DR programs and let CaSA protect your privacy and comfort.


Caleo plays nice with Alexa, Google Home and many others through our very own IFTTT channel.

Technicals specs



Height: 128 mm / 5.04 in
Width: 128 mm / 5.04 in
Depth: 41.25 mm / 1.62 in


3750 W max.
16 A
120 V, 208 V or 240 V


Color touchscreen
Integrated night / safety light
Power metering
Relative humidity monitoring

Available Languages



IEEE 802.11 b/g/n 2.4 GHz




3 years from date of delivery

Frequently Asked Questions

Get answers to your questions
Do I need to change all thermostats in the house?
Having Caleo in every room will give you the most complete view of your energy usage, but you can have it in as many rooms as you like. Why not add one every winter ?
What extra work or wiring is involved?
Caleo is exactly like your current wall thermostats. It requires absolutely no special work or wiring.
Can I install it myself?
Caleo is incredibly simple to install and takes about 5 to 10 minutes, but depending on where you live, your local electrical code may require you to call a licensed electrician. If you’re not familiar with electricity and its associated dangers, call your electrician !
How do I tell if my router will work with it?
Caleo is a Wi-Fi device and works with all current model routers that are b/g/n capable. If your router is more than 10 years old, it’s likely to be unsafe and should be replaced anyway.
How much does the service cost?
Nothing. Nada. Zero. The online portal is and always will be free. Basic features include a single street address and as many devices as you want. Advanced functions such as control lock-out and multiple addresses management require paid subscription.
Dual layer encryption ? Is that safe?
Caleo was designed with security as a focal point. We feel very strongly about security in the connected object world and we’ll always see it as a priority over anything else. Caleo is the only device currently approved through CSA’s Cybersecurity Verification Program.

Didn’t find what you were looking for ? Try our FAQ or even our Support pages for more answers.