About CaSA

Connected adhoc Smart Appliances

CaSA is a Canadian company that set out to disrupt an industry undergoing profound changes: electric utilities.

Through AI-enabled Internet of Thing (IoT) products, CaSA provides homeowners with the opportunity to become proactive in their relationship with their electric utility. By enabling control over a very large number of small electric loads, CaSA can provide grid operator with demand-side management tools, while committing to protect its users comfort and privacy.

The future of green energy requires grid operators and homeowners to engage in a mutually beneficial relationship, CaSA is there to broker this interaction.

Why ?

Because electricity is the life and blood of our modern society. It’s what makes us happy, what keeps us safe and makes us comfortable. We’ve never been so dependent on electricity and electricity has never been so relevant in its role for the planet’s future.

But the advent of renewables, electric vehicles, smart meters and so on means the grid is now asked to perform a job it was never designed to do. That’s where CaSA’s cutting edge technology comes into play.

How ?

By making high-demand loads controllable and communicating, CaSA enables homeowners to engage with their energy provider, allowing demand to be modulated without sacrificing comfort, privacy or security.

CaSA’s patented and proprietary control systems and algorithms mean that potential is only used if it’s available. No compromise on comfort !

CaSA is the only North American IoT provider to have successfully completed the CSA Cybersecurity Verification Program. When we say safe, we mean it.

Smart Grid

Nothing beats Wikipedia for simple explanations ! Here is a definition of what “demand-side management” is:

Demand response is a change in the power consumption of an electric utility customer to better match the demand for power with the supply. Electric energy cannot be easily stored, so utilities have traditionally matched demand and supply by throttling the production rate of their power plants, taking generating units on or off line, or importing power from other utilities. There are limits to what can be achieved on the supply side, because some generating units can take a long time to come up to full power, some units may be very expensive to operate, and demand can at times be greater than the capacity of all the available power plants put together. Demand response seeks to adjust the demand for power instead of adjusting the supply.

You’ll find the article here

Demand-Side Management for dummies

Electricity demand varies from one hour to the next, specially when its very cold or very hot outside. Just like morning traffic, we tend to have the same habits in the morning and in the evening, with our homes running idle during the work day.

For your energy provider, things are a bit more complicated as electricity generation cannot be modulated as easily as you turn off the lights at home. So electricity is generated in excess, following a “worst case” scenario.

If however we harness the consumption of a very large number of smaller electric loads, thanks to some of CaSA’s unique technology, we can tweak electricity demand where and when it’s needed for comfort while ensuring the remainder of demand is put off to a time where there’s less overall demand.

This means electricity generation can be more predictable, be less wasteful and more environmentally friendly, all while reducing the energy provider’s cost, and inevitably your bill.

So, buying CaSA products gives control to my utility?

Not quite.
Your express consent is required to participate in any kind of utility control.
CaSA provides a layer of control that looks at the system as a whole, not your house individually. The system finds excess energy in the larger community, so your comfort is always what comes first.

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